-This event has 1 ultimate winner from each category, the rest of participants will be rewarded too.
-Only characters with a level above Nun class 1 (Level 251+) can participate.
-This is a 1VS1 qualification Tournament for same races fights.
-Only 8 players from each category are allowed to participate.
-Only one character per player is allowed. (IPs will be checked by GMs)
-Levels will be checked before starting the tournament (if you apply to the wrong levels category, you will be disqualified).
-No disrespectful actions or behavior.
-No use of Attack / Defense / Party Rush.
-No use of red/blue/green/yellow Candies and elixirs.
-All skills and all kind of force scrolls are allowed.
-Participants will have pre-battle preparation time.
-Attacking opponents before countdown finishes results in immediate forfeit of current match.
-For slayers and ousters fights, only self-buffs are allowed. (Unless they both agree to use a third player’s buffs).
-The teams who will fight each other’s during the first matches will be chosen randomly by a GM.
-It is possible that some players will participate directly to the semi-final matches (depending on their levels and the amount of participants for each category).
-Using old Excalibur items is not allowed during this Tournament (Players who already own Excalibur Items will be asked to give them to the GMs before starting the tournament).
-Dark Eden Legend Team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its entries.

Time and location:

Drobeta SE Event Stadium at Saturday November 2nd, 2019.
NB: To watch the Tournament, you can talk to Yambian Santa NPC to teleport you as a spectator to the Event arena, he is at Eslania, Castle Limbo or Ousters Village.


All the present participants will get a Shinning Grab Bag each.
-The Pawns category winners (for levels 251~400) will receive a Ra class Weapon with two options from the list below. (Double options not allowed)
-The Knights category winners (for levels 401~500) will receive a Ra class Weapon with three options from the list below + Red nickname*. (Double options not allowed)
*If a player already has a Red Nickname on his character, he can then use it on a different one.

All attributes+50 STR+70 Critical+50
Physical DMG+30 All resistance+79 DEX+70
DMG+50 Magic DMG+30 HPS+80
INT+70 Tohit+100 Defense+100

Good luck for everyone.