As the legend says, Merlyn the enchanter made sure thanks to his spells to stick the Excalibur into a rock where only the true king could pull it out and take the throne of the realm. Unfortunately, Merlyn has stuck this sword once again to figure out who is the true ruler in Darkeden Legend. To prove your right to the throne, you will have to defend your honor, fight your enemies, sometimes even your friends and survive to long battles to have the Darkeden Legend 2019 King title.
This year, there will be two different tournaments with two levels categories.

-The Pawns for levels 251~400,
-The Knights for levels 401~500.
And each category will have sub-categories matching every race’s classes:
-For slayers : Bladers, Sworders, Gunners, Enchants and Healers
-For vampires : Melees and Mages
-For ousters : Combats, Fire, Water and Earth elements.